Road Test Sponsorship $140. $20 required to sign up, $120 balance due (cash only) by the day before the test.

Alternate Hours Road Test Sponsorship

Ringer’s Auto School will submit an alternate hours road test request to the registry each week. The time between road test request and road test assignment is typically two weeks.

The RMV examiner will conduct the test for our school at a time of their choosing.

After you register for our sponsorship service, your name will be included in our next request submitted on the following Monday for a target date approximately 14 days later.

The registry’s 72 hour cancellation rule DOES NOT apply to road tests scheduled by the driving school on your behalf. No cancellations will be permitted after signing up and if you don’t attend the test assignment, the registry will mark you as a “no show” and charge you $35 for the missed test. The registry will block you from rescheduling for two weeks and will not permit you to reschedule until the $35 has been paid on their website.

There is no guarantee the registry will have examiners available to do an alternate hours test for our school. If the registry denies our test request, we will re-apply the following week.

What’s Included in Ringer’s $120 Sponsorship Service:

Sponsorship includes a free 15 minute brush up lesson usually the day before the test. This is a skills refresher.

Sponsorship includes the use of a Ringer’s Auto School’s car for the brush up lesson and for the test.

What’s NOT Included in Ringer’s $120 Sponsorship Service:

Sponsorship does NOT include a ride. All applicants need to find their own ride to the practice and the test.

Sponsorship does NOT include registry fees. Ringer’s is a private company and not a government agency. The government grades your road test and issues your driver’s license. You pay the government $85 for the license and test, in the same manner in which you paid them for your learner’s permit. MASS DOT RMV fees are not included in Ringer’s sponsorship fee and are separate and in addition to Ringer’s sponsorship fees.

Rolling Deadline to Register

If you pay Ringer’s the $20 sign up fee and we are not assigned a test date, your name will automatically be added to the next request until we get an assignment.

Cost to Register

$20 Sign Up Fee

Payment Due the Day Before the Test ($120 cash only)

$120 payable to Ringer’s Auto School the Day Before the Test (Usually at the Brush Up Lesson)

Pre-Register for Ringer’s Alternate Hours Road Test Online or Phone Ringer’s Office

Registration will be activated once the $20 cash has been received.

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