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Ringer’s electronically submits a road test request to the registry every Monday at 8am. The target date of set by the registry is 14 – 23 days after the MONDAY SUBMISSION based on RMV road test examiner availability.
Eligibility – these requirements are listed in the MA Driver’s Handbook available as a .pdf on the RMV website.
AGE – Applicants must be a minimum of 16.5 years of age
PERMIT – Applicants must have held a MA learner’s permit in good standing for 6 months (180 days)
DRIVER’S EDUCATION – Applicants under age 18 must have completed all requirements of a MA certified driver’s education program.
Options for Scheduling Your Road Test
OPTION A:  HIRE RINGER’S AUTO SCHOOL TO SCHEDULE AND SPONSOR YOUR ROAD TEST – You may sign up at https://www.ringersautoschool.com/roadtest/ before your student is eligible. We will add their name to our Excel spreadsheet and move their name onto our weekly road test request as soon as they are eligible.
OPTION B:  SCHEDULE YOUR OWN TEST DIRECTLY THROUGH THE RMV – If all of the above requirements have been met, go on the RMV website and select a day/time of your convenience. Use your own vehicle and provide your own sponsor. https://www.mass.gov/how-to/schedule-your-road-test You may NOT schedule your own road test directly through the registry until your student is eligible.
WARNING – You May Unintentionally Cancel Your Ringer’s Test
          If you schedule your own test on the registry’s website while your name is PENDING on Ringer’s request, the registry will automatically delete your name from Ringer’s list.
         The registry gives preference to anything you do on your own behalf over anything Ringer’s does for you.  In other words, if you book a test as a backup, your backup will become your only option.
How will Ringer’s Schedule Your Test?
·     Your name will be added to the next request ON THE NEXT MONDAY after you sign up at https://www.ringersautoschool.com/roadtest/
·       Your name will be added to the next request as soon as you meet the eligibility requirements.
·       If someone from an earlier test cancels, you CANNOT be moved earlier to take the vacant spot.
·     You will be emailed road test assignment as soon as the registry emails Ringer’s, probably by the Monday, seven days after Ringer’s submits your name to the registry.
·     The test assignment is not guaranteed (depends on RMV road test examiner availability).
The Time/Day of the Road Test Is Random
·     The test will most likely (but not guaranteed), be on a Friday.
·       The registry gives examiners opportunities to do special group tests for driving schools on their overtime hours.
·       The test may be on the weekend, while the registry is closed/outside of regular business hours.
·       The registry may say, “Sorry, no assignment. Try again next week.”
Test Location
·       The test will take place at the RMV Lynn test site
The Car Used for the Road Test
You will use Ringer’s driving school car for the alternate hours road test.
Applicants may NOT use a family vehicle for an alternate hours road test scheduled by the driving school.
How to Cancel
·       The RMV charges Ringer’s $20 for each name on our road test request, so Ringer’s $20 road test sponsorship sign-up fee is non-refundable.
·       If you cancel your test after receiving the day/time/location assignment, the RMV may charge an additional $35 cancellation fee.
 WARNING – You May Unintentionally Cancel Your Ringer’s Test
·       If you schedule your own test on the registry’s website while your name is PENDING on Ringer’s request, the registry will automatically delete your name from Ringer’s list.
·       The registry gives preference to anything you do on your own behalf over anything Ringer’s does for you (if you book a backup, you will be stuck with it).
Ringer’s $140 Sponsorship Fee
·       The $20 sign up fee is due when you register. Register on ringersautoschool.com/roadtest.html
·       $120 CASH ONLY is due the day before the test.
·       The sponsorship fee is not refundable.
·       If the registry delays our test assignment, and we are required to resubmit another request the following week, you WILL NOT need to pay the $20 sign up fee again, it will be credited to your account and will roll forward. The $20 sign up fee will be applied to the request on the following week.
·       If you decide NOT to accept a test assignment, you forfeit the $20 and will need to pay another $20 to sign up for another request.
How to Pay Ringer’s
·       $20 Sign Up Fee
·       When you register on Ringer’s website you may pay the $20 SIGN UP FEE by credit card/debit card/ or PayPal. (5% convenience fee applies)
·       In person: by cash, card, or check/money order made out to Ringer’s Auto School at the Ringer’s office at 7 Eustis St., Unit C., Saugus. You may pay in person before the brush up lesson. If you pay by card in person a 5% convenience fee applies.
·       Over the phone. Call (781) 233-3664 and pay by credit/debit card. (5% convenience fee applies)
·       Mail a check made out to Ringer’s Auto School to 7 Eustis St, Unit C, Saugus, MA 01906.
·       $120 Sponsorship Fee – CASH ONLY
·       In person before the test
·       Before the brush up (practice lesson)
·       At the brush up
·       Please do not wait to pay at the test. It is a hectic time and not a good time for payment transactions.
·       No website option because the sponsorship fee must be paid in CASH ONLY
What Ringer’s Sponsorship Fee Includes:
·       Scheduling of the test
·       The use of Ringer’s car for the brush up lesson (basically a 15 minute skills refresher covering all the skills you will be graded on during the test).
·       The use of Ringer’s car for the test.
·       A certified Ringer’s instructor will sponsor the test.
What Ringer’s Sponsorship Fee DOES NOT Include:
·       DOES NOT INCLUDE A RIDE. Meet us at the test location
·       DOES NOT INCLUDE RMV FEES. Pay the registry directly on their website. RMV fees are separate and in addition to Ringer’s sponsorship fee. https://www.mass.gov/how-to/pay-your-road-test-andor-drivers-license-fees
·       Ringer’s does not accept registry fees from applicants.
·       Ringer’s does not pay registry fees for applicants.
Ringer’s Auto School is a private business. We are certified by the registry, but our finances are separate.
·       If you prepaid the license and test fees when you got your permit, you do not need to pay the registry again. The registry will automatically mail you the license within 10 days after passing.
·       If you don’t receive the license in the mail within 10 business days after passing, call the registry at (857) 368-8000, and ask them what the problem is.
·       If you haven’t paid the registry’s license and test fees, go on their website the day before the test at https://www.mass.gov/how-to/pay-your-road-test-andor-drivers-license-fees
·       You may still take the test if you haven’t prepaid the registry.
·       You will have up to 60 days after passing the road test to pay the registry.
 Where will the test take place?
·       The test will take place in Lynn, MA
·       Most likely, the test will take place at the new RMV test site in Lynn. Under the bridge at the MBTA station across from North Shore Community College at the corner of Market Street and Munroe Street.
·       Ringer’s will email you with the time, date and location of the test as soon as the registry gives us that information.
·       Ringer’s email will include
·       A map of the location
·       The address to type into your GPS
·       A photograph of the test site so you will recognize it when you see it.
·       Follow directions. They are included to answer all the commonly asked questions.
The Brush Up Lesson
·       The road test itself takes between 7-15 minutes. A practice test is included in the $140 sponsorship fee. It is included to increase your chances of passing and reduce your chances of failing. Our instructors have sponsored countless tests and can grade you on the skills and behaviors the examiner will be grading you on. It is to your benefit to listen to their feedback so any mistake you make is during the practice and not during the test.
·       The practice test is a skills refresher and not intended to teach a student to drive. If you don’t know how to parallel park or perform basic skills needed to pass the test, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you schedule a full 1-hour driving lesson before scheduling a test. The fee for a full 1-hour driving lesson is $65. If you schedule a 1-hour lesson, the fee would be separate from and in addition to the $140 sponsorship fee.
·       Once we receive the assignment, we will schedule the free practice lesson to take place around the day before the test.
·       The practice lesson is not required. You may take the test if you skip the practice, but your chances of passing go up if you attend.
We will do our best to get you the soonest date possible. While you wait, practice, practice, practice!