April 2024-Saugus


April’s driver’s education course in Saugus is accelerated, accomplishing all 30 hours in 5 days.
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April Saugus Driver’s Education Classroom Schedule
Day #1 – MONDAY, APRIL 15th: 12pm-6pm 
Day #2 -, TUESDAY, APRIL 16th: 12pm-6pm 
Day #3 – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17th: 12pm-6pm 
Day #4 – THURSDAY, APRIL 18th: 12pm-6pm
Day #5 – FRIDAY, APRIL 19th:

Parent Class
SUNDAY, APRIL 14th: 3pm- 5pm

Road Lesson Service Area
Our service area includes Saugus, Wakefield, Melrose, Lynn Malden, Revere. Students living within Ringer’s service area will be picked up and dropped off at their home for behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Students living outside of Ringer’s geographical service area will be picked up and dropped off at Ringer’s Saugus location for behind the wheel instruction. Do not purchase this package if you live outside of our service area unless you commit to meeting the driving instructor at our Saugus location to begin and end your lessons. If you have questions, please phone the office before making your purchase (781) 233-3664. SERVICE AREA : SAUGUS, WAKEFIELD, MELROSE, LYNN, MALDEN, REVERE

Terms and Conditions of Course Registration

Attendance: The course materials are delivered in 3-hour segments. If the student misses a 3-hour segment, they must make up the corresponding 3-hour segment during the next available course offering. Sequence: The classroom and parent class must be attended first before beginning to schedule behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

Transfers: There is a fee associated with classroom attendance date transfers. If you sign up for a Ringer’s classroom start date and later change your mind, requesting to be transferred to a later Ringer’s start date, we will transfer your enrollment.

Transfer fee if you notify Ringer’s one month in advance: $25
Transfer fee with less than 1-month notice: $95

Cancelling Classroom Attendance:

If you cancel your registration and choose not to transfer to a future class date, we will credit your payment to your account. No Refunds.

Cancelling Driving Lessons:

Ringer’s tries to prevent students from incurring fees. An automated computer-generated reminder is texted to each student to confirm or cancel 24 hours in advance.
A $20 fee will be assessed for EACH HOUR cancelled w/less than 24hrs. notice. This means if you cancel a two-hour lesson, the fee will be $40. A $50 fee will be assessed if you cancel a driving lesson with less than one-hour notice.

Course Completion: Upon completion of 30 hours classroom time, 12 hours behind-the-wheel driving lessons in the driving school car with a certified instructor, 6 hours observation, One 2-hour parent class and balance paid in full, Ringer’s will enter the student record in the registry database and the registry will certify the student as having completed driver’s education. 

The Certificate of Completion is digital, not paper. There is no hard copy. You can find evidence of your certificate by logging into your individual record on the registry’s website.
Your MyRMV profile can be found here: https://atlas-myrmv.massdot.state.ma.us/myrmv/_/ or Google “My RMV MA”.

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