Driver's Education PROGRAM Information

In Massachusetts, students under 18 years of age (junior operators – JOL) must complete a driver’s education program in order to be eligible to take the road test before their 18th birthday.

Ringer’s complete drivers education program includes:

  • 30 hours classroom time
  • 12 hours behind-the-wheel driving lessons
  • 6 hours observation
  • 2-hour parent class

Optional road test sponsorship service available.

During the state of emergency and coronavirus pandemic, MASSDOT RMV has given certified Massachusetts driving schools temporary permission to deliver the classroom portion of the driver’s education program using remote learning, web based tools. The classroom material will be delivered via Zoom. The accelerated 30 hour course, typically delivered 6 hours/day over 5 consecutive days.


  1. Student must be 15 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS OLD, minimum.
  3. Persons older than 18 years of age are not required by MA law to attend the complete driver’s education program.(…more)
  4. Must live in Ringer’s Auto School road lesson service area.(…more)


Our service area includes Saugus, Wakefield, Lynn, Melrose, Malden and Revere.  If you live inside our service area, we will pick up and drop off for behind-the-wheel driving lessons. If you live outside of our geographical service area, you may still do driving lessons with our instructors, if you agree to be picked up and dropped off inside our service area. If you have questions, please phone the office before making your purchase (781) 233-3664, or send us an email:


Junior operators are required to complete 12 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons with the driving school. Ringer’s students can complete their lessons in 1 or 2 hour increments. 

Schedule Driving Lessons

Text Ringer’s scheduling line (781) 231-0337 schedule driving lessons.


The material covered during the thirty hours of classroom instruction is based on the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual, which can be downloaded on the here for free. You may also order a hard copy on the RMV’s website.  If you have a school IEP and wish to inquire about accommodations, please phone the office (781) 233-3664 or text the company cell (781) 231-0337 (text only), or send an email to

Driver's education coursework delivery method

Ringer’s will deliver the coursework LIVE via Zoom.

Log in and password will be emailed to registered students no later than 3 days before the class start date

Students must log in LIVE during the appointed time period
Students must be present with CAMERA ON

In order to receive credit for the course, the student must pass the final exam with an 80% or above.

Quizzes will be given for each chapter so students can track their progress and prepare for the final exam.
If you have a school IEP and wish to inquire about accommodations, please phone the office (781) 233-3664 or text the company cell (781) 231-0337 (text only), or send an email to

The driver's education curriculum is dictated by the registry and includes the following:

Module 1: Intro to driver’s education

Module 2: Signs, Signals, & Road Markings

Module 3: Understanding the Vehicle and its Controls

Module 4: Basic Driving Skills

Module 5: Rules of the Road

Module 6: Making Safe Driving Decisions

Module 7: Sharing the Road

Module 8: How Natural Laws Affect Driving

Module 9: Different Driving Environments

Module 10: Driving in all Weather Conditions

Module 11: Mental & Physical Condition Affect Driving

Module 12: The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving: Part I

Module 13: The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving: Part II

Module 14: Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making

Module 15: Part I: Handling Emergencies & Breakdowns

Part II: Final Review

In order to earn the Driver Education Certificate required to be eligible to schedule a driver’s license road test, the driver’s education program must be completed, including the classroom portion and 12 hours of road instruction.  Quizzes will be given for each chapter so students can track their progress and prepare for the final exam. All missed classroom time must be made up. Upon completion of all required training, Ringer’s Auto School will electronically file your Driver’s Education Certificate with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles. After the student obtains a Massachusetts learner’s permit from the RMV, three requirements must be met before scheduling behind-the-wheel driving lessons. 1) The classroom portion of the program must be completed. 2) A parent must attend a parent class. 3) The balance of Ringer’s driver’s education program fee must be paid in full (during the state of emergency and coronavirus pandemic, Ringer’s will offer a flexible payment plan). Classroom instruction covers safe driving, basic driving skills, rules of the road and Massachusetts driving laws.

Driver's License Eligibility Requirements (eligibility to apply for a ma road test)

  1. Age: You must have a valid learner’s permit for 6 consecutive months before you can take the road test to get your license. Minimum age requirement is 16 1/2 years old. If you obtain your learner’s permit on your 16th birthday, and hold it in good standing for 180 days, you will be eligible by age.
  2. Driver’s Education: Complete a Registrar-approved driver’s education course, such as Ringer’s Auto School. Once you successfully complete the  program, your certificate of completion will appear on file in the registry database.

Parents' Responsibility

  1. Parent Class: Parents are required to attend a 2-hour parent class with a Registrar-approved driving school. Ringer’s Auto School offers a 2-hour parent class  in conjunction with each new class series.
  2. Supervised Practice: Parents are responsible to supervise their student’s driving for a minimum of 40 hours. As a part of the student’s driver’s license application, a parent or guardian must sign to certify that the student’s driving has been supervised by a parent or guardian for 40 hours.
  3. During the state of emergency, parents are required to complete 6 additional hours of supervised driving in lieu of driving school observation hours. Driving school observation hours are disallowed during the state of emergency in order to keep the number of persons in the driving school vehicle to a minimum. Parents must record the 6 additional hours on a JOL Affidavit and return the completed form to the driving school before the student can earn a driver’s education certificate of completion.


  1. Age: To be eligible to obtain a Massachusetts learner’s permit, you must be 16 years of age.
  2. Begin the process of applying for a learner’s permit on the registry’s website.


Massachusetts auto insurance companies offer premium discounts to students who earn a certificate of completion from a Massachusetts driving school. Consult your individual insurance company for rates.


Steps to earn a drivers education certificate of completion:

  1. Obtain MA learner’s permit
  2. Hold permit in good standing for 6 months (181 days)
  3. Complete MA driver’s education program:
    • 30 hours classroom time
    • 12 hours behind-the-wheel driving lessons
    • 2-hour parent class
    • JOL observation waiver
    • Pay all driving school fees in full

Q.  When will your certificate of completion be on file on the registry’s database?

A.  7 to 10 days after your final driving lessons if all other steps to earn a certificate of completion have been met.  

Q.  Where can I check the status of my certificate of completion?

A.  Check the status on the registry’s website

Q.  Where do I get a copy of  my certificate of completion for my insurance company?

A.  Obtain proof of certificate of completion on the registry’s website 

  • Age: Minimum age to earn a Mssachusetts driver’s education certificate of completion is 16 and 3 months of age.
    • Students who begin driver’s education at the earliest possible age (15 and 9 months), may complete driver’s education by 16 and 3 months.
    • However, students who earn a certificate of driver’s education completion early may NOT apply for a MA road test until they have held their learner’s permit a minimum of 6 months (181 days).
  • Refer to the road test eligibility requirements